Patios & Garden Paving Canterbury

Lifetime Driveways lay all types of patios in all areas of Kent, we can create garden paving or patio block paving Canterbury that you would be proud of as our patios provide a natural extension to your home.

With a combination of strength and visual appeal, our patios provide a natural extension to your home. An infinite number of designs and ideas including Planters, Ponds, Turf (supplied and laid) and Fencing (supplied and erected) to suit your individual lifestyle and create a smart, tidy and sensible improvement.

Whether you are looking for Garden Paving Canterbury or need a Patio in Thanet, we are here to give you a quote for all your paving requirements be it front or back garden.

Patio paving what we do:

  1. Design and layout consultation.
  2. Dig out debris and remove from site by lorry same day (no skips).
  3. Apply weed control membrane if required to prevent shifting or sinking.
  4. Level 150mm of MOT Type one sub-base (as used for road foundations) laid and compacted
  5. Compact sub base area using vibrating heavy duty industrial compactor plate.
  6. Renew any manholes with inset paving manhole cover any drainage that is required to be installed (linear channel drains, gullies etc) and renew any existing storm drains or soakaways if required
  7. Lay a block border to your colour choice.
  8. Slabs are then laid on a solid concrete base.
  9. All gaps between slabs to be pointed using a strong wet mortar mix
  10. Clear, clean and tidy site.
  11. Customer inspection.

Garden Paving Canterbury